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I ran across this article on one of my professional readings and it caught my eye because it is interior design AND literary related! These are hotels (or hotel rooms) that are inspired by literature. What a fabulous idea! . . . it makes me want to purchase a hotel now. Or perhaps a Bed and Breakfast? Ooooo or maybe rickety pub and inn?

These hotels give me ideas for my guest services. Complimentary Book Menus? What a quirky genius notion! However, since I am cottage-minded at the moment; the little Hobbit Hole caught my eye! I have heard of the Library Hotel before and I long to book a room there (ahahaha! Pun not intended!) Should I ever have a daughter, we shall stay at least one night at the Plaza. You heard it here, first! And for my dear friends at Vicky A . . . well, let’s just say, I am sure they will appreciate the last hotel on the list!!