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Someone inquired whereabouts my new abode resides. I decided to answer using a historical England-esque analogy.

Let us say I previous dwelled in a suburb of London. It is a bustling city, replete with offerings of fine arts and amenities. For the past four years, every working day, I traveled about 30-40 miles (one way) to toil in a smaller town southwest of the City.

Given distance and current population, I shall say I worked in Aldershot, Hampshire, England.

Further still, about 15 miles south of Aldershot is Bishopstoke, a small hamlet where My Suitor heralds. Analogously speaking. Inhabitants of Bishopstoke refer to Aldershot as “in town.” In fact, even  the populous of Aldershot does not think anything of driving an hour away for shopping, higher culture, or activities “the town” does not provide.

To restate, I moved to Aldershot; 37 miles south of my family to live in the town I work and to be a bit closer to My Suitor. It is a happy middle ground and I eagerly await the locksmith so I may truly move in!