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There is a saying, “If these walls could talk, the stories it could tell!”  Like any great creator, I dwelled long and hard on the story I wish to tell. If I am to be the co-author of this new chapter in my life . . . what is my backstory? Where shall I venture? What is it I wish to convey? What encapsulates me at this stage in my lifetime? More importantly, how do I go about expressing the answers to these questions through my home?

Here you thought designers just pulled creative notions from the sky? Or decorating a home was just an assembly of items you were fond of or bought in a set? *Scoffs* You would be incorrect, my dears. If one ever reads the reviews of haute couture fashion or sells . . . home, or anything for that matter, you will often hear the creators paint a story of their Muse. It sets the tone for what visually follows; a frame of understanding, if you will.

As for my cottage’s backstory and the person I am and/or wish to be, along with all the answers to those previous questions . . .

Imagine a Disney Princess. . . Princess Aurora/Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty . . .

full of ingenuousness, yet holds herself in a noble manner. She was a beautiful French/German girl who could live plainly but loved the touch of French elegance.

Now imagine this Serene Highness in the modern Los Angles scene; a vibrant, glamorous but laidback lifestyle.

Can you picture her? . . .  Now can you picture her highly caffeinated???

Whence this vision comes from, only the Muse knows (as far as Disney Princesses go, I more of an Ariel or Belle sort of gal). My plain little cottage, I assure you will be transformed with the use of hyper hues, classic regal touches, with a shabby chic French provincial-woodland twist. This is me, now, in full femininity and my last uncompromising hurrah of bachelorette-hood before I shall tie the knot . . . some day . . . within the next five years . . . I hope. *stares pointedly at My Suitor*