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This January marks a new chapter in my life for various reasons. First, I have taken in one and one eighth boarders! My charming older brother moved in on the 10th to Diamondleaf Cottage along with his tea-cup applehead Chihuahua, named Juno/Junie.  She is the one eighth, I speak of. Seriously, she’s so tiny! My brother whom, I am tempted to refer to as Mr. Davis, but the formality strikes the wrong chord for someone of his . . .  “unique disposition.” Perhaps, Charming Brother will have to do (He suggested being called “Good Sir”. . . I promptly vetoed the idea.)


Charming Brother and itty bitty excuse of a canine plan to stay on for two or three years, while he recovers emotionally and financially from his divorce. He also wants us to bond more, “because when Mom and Dad die, you’re all I’ve got.”– His power of persuasion could use some brushing up, but I cede his point.

This should be a very interesting and snarky two years! He is a night owl and I am a morning lark. He has been here for almost two weeks and already has plans to gut and revamp my backyard because it does not suit him. On the bright side, he is beginning to speak of world take overs. NOW he is talking my language! We had a . . . tumultuous relationship as children and in many ways we have not grown up which is both amusing and annoying. Ah, sibling love . . . Hold on to your hats, Dear Readers, this is bound to be a wild ride!