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This month is just blurring by! Really? A fortnight already?! Heavens to Betsy, time certainly flies. Luckily, this does not pertain to our first news post of the year at 19th Century Modern. Naturally there are some political tie-ins with America’s Presidential Inauguration by peeking into the “Trump of the Past.” It seems marginally optimistic. Only history will tell how our new President did. In the same vein, an article on mini-bios (a fan favorite topic) of 19th century female pioneers made the list. As a micro-shopping post in its own right, there is a curated short list of Jane Austen inspired candles from various companies to include as part of your new Hygge routine. Another literature inspired headline incorporates innovative library art. There is also a vignette on half a dozen scandalous news of the 19th century. News on News? This is getting practically, meta! An entire 19th century village for sale, a piece on the famous selfie obsessed celebrity from the 1800s and a special time capsule reveal, round out the other offerings this January.