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Way back when I used to write Christmas cards and newsletters for my friends and family, but then I wised up and went digital. It is more cost effective. As of late, I am really enjoying writing and blogging more than ever! So I decided to pen a Christmas letter and send out a few cards this year, because I have time and I enjoy sharing with everyone. Letter writing is also a very Victorian thing to do and . . . well, you know how I feel about Victorian things.


The 21st century twist to this letter is I wrote it my snarky voice. A spoof of Deadpool’s 2015 promotional Christmas letter. It is not the eloquent voice I used when I first began this blog four years ago. This is letter is more along the lines how I converse in real life, with more SAT vocabulary mingled with “gangsta phrasing.”

BEHOLD! I present you the letter I mailed out to my nearest and dearest who appreciate witty sarcasm. **Names have been shortened to protect the identity of my family, unless they otherwise give me permission to broadcast it.**