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Das Einkaufen. That is how you say shopping in German. Should you wonder. Unless Google Translator is messing with me . . . Everyone loves to window shop. Doesn’t cost a dime! I highly suspect many 19th century aficionados have antique leanings. Often antiquated pieces are pricey unless you a proficient haggler or crafty restorer. Below are eight items that have no need for restoration, but could use a serious negotiator to bring the price down from anxiety inducing levels. If you are looking for Austrian items, these might be the way to go. In no particular order . . . Most of the photographs have links to their home site.

Smoking cases! Depending on size could be repurposed for modern day “credit card holder/cases.”

Late 1800s made by A E Kochert, the Crown Jeweler of Austria

Offered to you is this antique 19th century military uniform vest. These were worn by the engineering core soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian empire. . . . It makes me want to salute.

Do you have the urge to tickle the ivories?–Sounds so scandalous!–How about this “plain cherry veneered” number below?

Grand piano c. 1790 Mozart POSSIBLY played on this instrument

Perhaps, Dear Reader, you need to a candle to read by in these dark winter nights? Any ol’ candlestick would be elevated to aristocratic status in this jaw-dropping candlestick.

Gilt silver set with semi-precious jewels and rock crystals

Biedermeier! The interior designer in me is Geeking Out! The craftsmanship on this console table is drool-worthy!

Visit the link! The description alone . . . I can’t even . . . *Wants*

Austria is known for lots of things; their military, Empress Sissi, birthplace of Hitler and Arnold Schwarzenegger, location of the assassination that started World War I, Sound of Music and its Alps, weiner schnitzel, Sacher Torte, The Vienna State Opera House . . .  and Crystal. Austrian Crystal “is Legen . . . wait for it . . . dary.” Case in point, this “unassuming Victorian chandelier.”

If house-wares is not your thing, perhaps this tiara will do the trick. Where is Dauphiine of Tiaras and Trianon when you need her? I find this rather unique! Still on the fence whether I like it or not . . . kinda leaning towards “ooo pretty!” Not sure if it is even legit. . .  cited as late 19th century Austrian tiara with pink tourmalines.

This dress. End of story.

The most famous (court) dress of Empress Elizabeth (Sissi) of Austria.