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It only took about 49 days from the purchase of the wood tile to the completion of the entire cottage. For more about my flooring choice and the Victorian inspiration see here. “Mr. Joey Tile,” as I refer to him, lays tile in his is spare time. So he was not able to devote a solid eight-hour work day to the project. Since he is very good at what he does, he had a few projects going on at once. Tiling my house came around the same time as the holidays, which is so less than ideal. I might have stretched out the project deadline by requesting a slightly complicated grouting system. Mr. Joey like the idea, but caution it will take him longer using two sizes of grout lines. And so, that’s exactly how it panned out. But *big sigh of relief* it is now over! I am not longer living in a state of renovation. What’s more, my cottage looks LOVELY! 

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Thus said, everyone’s a critic. . . Mother loved that it was darker than the white washed laminate I was looking at before. My Father is not a fan of blond flooring to begin with nor does he like the echoing side effect. My parent’s dog, didn’t notice the floors but was pouty that “his” chaise lounge was not available for over a month when he came for visits. My brother made a comment about looking too “East Coast  Beach House” and not like a cottage. One of my Tio’s/Uncle’s really likes it. My eldest cousin questions the resale value of this decision. Another Tio/Uncle could care less. My younger cousin loves it; like LUUUUVS it.

In the up coming months I plan on finishing painting the walls and work on window treatments. My next big renovation for Diamond Leaf Cottage will be the kitchen area, but it will be at least a year until that is touched upon.