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Now that I am newly engaged and own my own cottage, I am conscientious of traditions. Why we keep the things we do? Why discard others? And what new ones could we incorporate? What does this new family consisting of just my Fiancé and I represent? What will we build?

He and I are starting this Traditional trial and error process this Christmas. For practice. Beginning with Christmas ornaments. Last Christmas my mother bought be a cottage ornament to commemorate the milestone of purchasing my new abode. This Christmas she presented me with an engagement ring ornament. So I would love to use these trinkets for memories and story telling once a year to our future children. I am not keen on collecting items, so this is the closest I shall get to hoarding. I look forward to adding my “married” ornament to the tree, the “puppy”, and the “baby” ones, when the time comes.

Do you have an Christmas ornament that you cherish dearly? Please tell the tale, I would love to hear.