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The famous Christmas Truce of 1914, “British and German troops arm-in-arm exchanging headgear: A Christmas Truce between opposing trenches.”

It is the middle of December and time for your monthly update; eight bits of 19th century related news culled from newspapers and magazines all over the world. I have a couple of necessary holiday mentions, which are fun in their own right, but brace yourself there is more. The two pieces on architecture are down right jaw dropping. I beg you to look at them. The Swedish boutique hotel has 1 million pictures (so it seems) and I covet the ballroom of another article.  It is like every childhood fantasy, walk through the woods, step through the mirror, enter the wardrobe, turn behind the bookcase.–THERE! Best secret ever! In another article, 19th century and 21st century clash with Boolean code. There is also the American Duchess’ new shoe is in collaboration with New Port, Rhode Island Historical Society. I simply adore the Duchess! Lastly, to help usher in 2015, is a unbelievable New Year tradition, that if held during modern times would raise SOOOOOOO many security concerns! Goodness me! Read below and let me know your thoughts.