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For the past four years artist Claire Hummel has been re-imagining the beloved Disney Princesses in historically accurate ensembles. Each character is meticulously researched from the Disney movie, the Brothers Grimm tales, archive paintings to pin down the era. She further studies various cuts and styles from books at her local library (of course, I had to include that!) and exhaustive list of credible online resources. She includes the bibliography on her website.  If you have not had a change to view these before, Dear Reader, you are in for a treat. The images are simply breathtaking. Since we here at 19th Century Modern, gravitate toward all things from the 1800s, I am only including those 19th century labeled princesses. . . and Belle. I love Belle. She is one of my favorites. Be prepared to be amazed!


Early Regency Era–Rapunzel from Tangled


Late Regency–Elsa’s Coronation Robes from Frozen


Late Regency–Else in her Snow Dress from Frozen


1850/1860–Cinderella from . . . Cinderella


1890s–Ariel in her wedding dress from The Litter Mermaid


Late 1700s–Belle in her ballgown from Beauty and the Beast

Ms. Hummel’s website depicts the other princesses, whom are equally jaw-dropping. She is also working on Disney’s non-princesses. Her blog goes into great detail of the research and inspiration for each gown and styling. Ms. Hummel cautions viewers to read thoroughly before asking any inane questions. Let’s be courteous and follow suite. I, for one, will wait with baited breath until the next lady is revealed!