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In the Library; a Sketch of Students Studying at St Thomas's Hospital Photographic Print

In the Library: A sketch of students studying at St. Thomas’s Hospital

Every occupation has its privileges. Some are more extensive than others. One of the perks of working in a library is access to books, obviously. Not just any books, but every kind imaginable in every possible format. Large print books, audiobooks, cassettes, Play-aways, mp3s, translations, books in other languages, and so forth. One of my favorite perks is being allowed to sift through Donations. Libraries get them by the cart load. It is marvelous! Still abiding by the rules of fair play and first come first serve, I might be able to return home with a box of codices for myself. Donations can turn up the most interesting things. First print or early editions; the staff is not allowed to take these home at my library, but other libraries have a more free for all approach. These early editions can fetch a pretty penny at auction houses and antiquarian booksellers. Occasionally, we will receive handwritten journals or diaries. Some libraries archive these or send them to a museum or notify the donator and return them. My favorites are the Classics and textbooks. Textbooks are not integrated into the collection and I have to double check to make sure the library carries the classic in good condition, but otherwise the novel is mine for keeps. Any other non-fiction, non-textbook item has to be given clearance before I am allowed to walk off with it. These codices are wonderful research material for 19th Century Modern and just my general interest.

Today was a good day for donations, just peruse the hull I brought home! (Do not inquire where I plan on placing these books in my house!)

  • Arthur and George by Julian Barnes
  • Ben Hur by Lew Wallace
  • Benet’s Reader’s Encyclopedia
  • Changing Lives: Women in European history since 1700
  • Fields of Gold
  • France in Modern Time
  • Life as We Have Known It by Co-Operative Working Women: Working women describe their jobs, families, and political awakening in early twentieth-century England
  • Masterpiece of World Literature in Digest Form
  • Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope
  • Silas Marner by George Eliot
  • The Best Cartoons from Punch
  • The Portable Victorian Reader
  • The Reader’s Encyclopedia
  • Victorian Women: A documentary account of women’s lives in nineteenth-century England, France and the United States