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Newsboy by Aurelius O. Revenaugh, 1883

If there ever was a holiday that is synonymous with Victorians, it is Christmas. At first, this was great for 19th Century Modern. It made filling out the monthly news post fairly easy. After a time, it has been more difficult to find news that does not pertain to “standard” Dickens Christmas, Victorian Tea, or some fundraiser showcasing the traditional holiday pageantry of the 1800s. All of that is well and good, but I want something . . . well, . . . new, hence the term “News.” So December has now become my most challenging month to hunt for spins on the old Victorian Christmas and other delightful randomness. The results? An interesting blend in the form of eight share-worthy headlines!

The curated list below includes a dreadful book malaise and a record breaking overdue fee. It is the Librarian in me. What can I say? I love this stuff! Another beautiful Victorian home is up for sale.  A steampunk keyboard shows up and might be the perfect last minute gift for the gear-head on your Christmas list. Oh! There is an article about Victorian names the author really thinks ought to make a comeback. Personally, I disagree on a few of her choices, but I shall let you be the judge. A fun random bit includes culture clash, espionage, and testosterone-laden feats of cunning and daring-do! Lastly, there are two headlines that rift on the good ol’ 19th century Christmas, because honestly . . .