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In a few days, I’ll be turning 34. I’m so thrilled! A person’s 30s are typically the prime of one’s life. So I aim to make the most of it in every possible way I can. Thus said, I already have acquired and achieved many things I’ve always wanted. My priorities have changed. I’m far more eager to experience than I am to purchase things. My wish list this year is a bit simpler, more focused, and less long-range. Don’t get me wrong, I have future plans as well; plans that are 40 years down the road. Below are eight items I want now, with a 19th century spin to them. Naturally. Pictures are linked unless otherwise stated.

I continue my search for a dog that meets very specific requirements. This precious pooch has yet to arrive on my doorstep, but I’m not deterred. I am slowly getting my cottage and my life ready for a fur-kid.–Picture is not linked, but there are many wonderful puppies available at your local animal shelter and petfinder.com


I adore books! I’m fond of inspirational, self-help, DIY books. However, being Type A, I read in a cyclical manner. Always Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Historical Non-Fiction, Contemporary Non-Fiction and the Literati Book Club title on the side during the season; in that order. This is what I have lined up to read: (Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Historical Non-Fiction, Aim True)

As part of my extreme morning routine, I spend about an hour cleaning the house. It’s not that it’s dirty, it’s simply not completed. I’ve painting left to do and a few furniture items left to build and one to purchase. I’m look for a small china cabinet/curio cabinet to store my antique dishes. It will also serve as a “room definer” between my dining area and my parlor. Finding such a piece of 19th century beauty with a modern cost effective price tag proves to be quite the challenge.

I have three personal calendars and three professional calendars. . . . I have issues. One of my personal calendars is on my phone, the other is a desk calendar, and the third is . . . pretty. Beauty is important to me. I love Cynthia Hart’s Victorian montages brimming with color, life, and details via 19th century designs.

 For the past year I have penned in entry in a journal every single day. It was pivotal in my road to recovery from The Night That Shall Not Be Named. I’ve varied my entries as the day permits and have yet to land on a constant format. Most of my journals are remnants from what is lying around the cottage or  some cute little piece picked up for a low price. However, a beautiful 19th century retooled replica would certainly make me appear (and feel more adult).

Once I have a beautifully posh journal to jot down my wildest dreams, universal musing, and world take overs, I shall need a pen worthy of the page. Enter the Waterman pen! I have a thing for fountain pens. I find them very provocative. Waterman’s are sexy pens that have been around since the late 1800s. I have yet to come across a blue and gold one with blue ink (my dream pen!) but Hemisphere Blue is a really close second!

As you may know, I am slowly transitioning to a more organic lifestyle. My first real foray into the scene will be via beauty (skin care, hair care, and make-up). I have barely made the leap yet, but after devising a short list, the most wallet friendly brand (I’m paying off my mortgage ASAP, remember?) is Alima Pure makeup. I hope to have some items from this company before autumn arrives. We’ll see how it works and if it is not compatible then I’ll move on to another brand when the time comes.

Recall the Rebellion I spoke of last month? Well, one of my Epic/Life Quests is to attend Comic Con as an elf. I’m not immersed in anime or fantasy to know which character I’d go as, but below is a beautiful example. Again, not quite 19th century, but could be due to high fantasy and romanticism associated with the 1800s. . . –Image not linked.