This is my second year hosting Christmas and I am woefully unprepared. Needless to say, it will be low key and casual. My theme this year is a “Green Christmas.” Invitees to the feast are instructed to wear the color green or some organic number. I teased my cousin, she could wear a hemp dress if she so chooses.


The dinner itself will include more green options such as broccoli and cheese soup and another green vegetable or two. This year, I shall attempt to make the soup from scratch. How hard can it be? (Famous last words, I’m sure). The meal will be catered again and my chef-brother will assist with any other cooking required. I am thinking of putting one of the men in charge of making a signature green drink for the occasion. Do you readers have any good ideas???

Naturally, the majority of my cottage will be decked with greenery. I am only investing in another piece or two for decorations. Slowly building up the Christmas stash, I say.

Lastly, the gifts I give this year will follow the Green theme, either in color (like money, pine scented candles . . .) or in the way of being Earth-friendly (such as repurposed, hand-made, ecofriendly, etc.). I am expecting a small crowd of about 15 people. Mother wants to incorporate games, so we shall see how ka-razy it gets up in here. . .

And if y’all think I’m silly for having a Green theme, just you wait! I have themes planned out for the next forty years. No joke! It is the slow version of “let’s throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks.”–Because, honestly, that’s how traditions are made.