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Listening to the Day’s News by Jean-Marc Cotes, 1899

The biggest news to happen this month was the birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge on May 2nd. There are many stories covering this precious little bundle, so I will not cover her in the monthly news bite. Although, I am linking the article to the last lady to hold the title of Princess of Cambridge from the 19th century.

News comes from all over the web this month. One of my favorite finds is the new Starwood 5 Star Luxury Hotel in Moscow set in a former Belle Époque residence. It is a beautiful blend of modernity and 19th century inspiration. There is a fascinating read regarding the original 19th century plans for Central Park, in New York City and how the plans had the foresight to fix modern day traffic congestion issues. Best yet, the arches are in the works to be reconstructed! Most excellent! Now for all you steampunk aficionados, I have not one but two bits! First, is a rather ingenious spin on the tiny house movement and the other is a fully functioning steam-operated “motorcycle.” Need to see it to believe it! Continuing with Victorian transportation, there is a huge parade/extravaganza detailing all the different forms of 19th century modes of travel; lots of photographs included. In another blend of 21st century meets 19th century, a college is using its Voice students to record 19th century “folk” songs for posterity; specifically working songs sung along the canals. We began this post with tie-in to the birth of an heir and close it with the demise of one of the most popular American President, Abraham Lincoln. Surely, he passed some time ago, but his home town is hosting a 150 year ‘celebration’ reenactment of one the biggest presidential funeral processions in the history of United States. Read on to find out more.