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"No hand over the pie. Or I will CUT you!"

“No hand over the pie or I will CUT you!”

There are many perks to working for the City; insider knowledge, city sponsored events, and serving the populous. So much fun!

The Employee Excellence and Wellness Committee is always trying to boost morale and health of the employees. I participated in their Step to Wellness last year, came in second in the Library Department (behind our OLDEST library employee, who is a total spitfire and a close friend of mine.) This year is a month long group weight loss challenge! There are two groups within my library branch, as it is limited to a group of four. The challenge is based on percentages and everyone in our group has their reasons and their goals for joining. Personally, it is to get back to my “happy weight” for my up-coming nuptials, which amounts to a 15-20 weight loss.

In honor of our Library Department, we named ourselves the Book Cart-el (or Book Cartel, as you would have). It is hilariously edgy and “gangsta” for a bunch of female library nerds spanning 33-75 years old.

Since gang members typically do not pick their own mobster-names, I had the Book Cartel pick it for me. Enter: Deeds! It is a play off my nickname and more importantly it sounds a little shady.

We will be celebrating our “Fat Tuesday” at Senor Sushi (a perfect mobster-sounding hangout dive, right?) next week before we weigh-in, then it is on to the famine and hard labor to get back to fighting weight. I wonder what Queen Victoria’s 19th century gang name would be? What would your gang name be???