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The Engagement Ring by John James Audubon

So I now that I am engaged . . . *gets distracted*stares at sparkly ring* Apologies, I am easily sidetracked. As I was saying, now that I am engaged, I shall post a new feature: Wedding Wednesdays! However, it will only be the first Wednesday of the month as I do not want to turn 19th Century Modern into a wedding blog. It will be difficult, but I think I can restrain myself. I think.

Perhaps, you are just as excited as I am and are dying to know the details. My Fiance (I have one now!) and I made a few decisions last week.

Here is the break down:

  • As per my wishes, the wedding will be held in winter. He agreed, because he is generally a very warm person. I chose this season for multiple reasons. I love the whole winter wonderland of the season. Secondly, venues are generally cheaper. Third, his family has heart-stopping allergies to things that grow from the ground. It is rather alarming!
  • We decided on our wedding party. My two closets cousins, sisters, Mlle A and Mlle V, and My Fiance’s youngest sister, Srta K. Some brides make a big show out of asking to be their wedding party, I went a slightly more classic route and treated them to wonderful meal and gave them a beautiful hand written card asking in various plays-on-poetry to be my bridesmaids. Maid of Honor, Mlle A, is business oriented and wonderful at customer service. She has always said she would never marry and while generally thrilled for me and excited about her role, she confesses not to have much knowledge about weddings. I patted her hand gently and said “I know. Do not worry, there will be a binder of information I shall be delivering to you in a few weeks.” Srta. K, was super excited. She was bummed she was passed up to be a bridesmaid at the last wedding, so she is so happy to be in mine. I adore her! She reminds me of puppy, very cute and enthusiastic, a little spastic and sometimes in her excitement runs into walls. When I asked Mlle V, she shrieked. Yes, shrieked. She reached higher octaves, clapped her hands, bounced out of her chair and lunged at me for a hug. Then proceeded to whip out the laptop to show me her Pinterest board. Needless to say she is beyond thrilled. We must be careful with that one. She might need a straight-jacket; albeit a purple blinged out straight-jacket, but a special jacket nevertheless.
  • I made the executive decision to hire a wedding planner. My Fiance grumbled but relented after my pitch for this service. First and most important, I am hearing impaired. I do not make phone calls. Despite what he says My Fiance does not want to make calls telling the ushers what colored gloves they will wear. Second, both My Fiance and I lead exceptionally busy lives. I, for one, just accepted the role as co-chair for the State Librarian conference two weeks before he proposed. Also, in my wildest dreams, I did not imagine to be married in the state of Arizona. In all my planning as a little girl (and even in college) I did not think to look into it. I will need assistance with a ceremony site. Hopefully, the wedding planner will not only have contacts, but perhaps discounts. Lastly, I grew up listening to my mother tell horror stories of her wedding day (over 2,000 people in attendance, not counting the two live bands, and the people who actually worked the events. No joke.) I live in fear of having to go through what she did. Bottom line? I am acquiring a planner!
  • Finally, the wedding Impression. “Formal British Victorian meets Spanish Glamour with a Dash of Quirkiness.”

There you have it, the preliminaries of preliminaries! Something tells me a true Victorian bride would not conceive such an Impression. Surely she would be following a rule book on societal etiquette and the like. Perhaps she would be thrilled she and her fiance could even hold hands. In public, no less! It positively sets hearts a flutter!

Next month, more news and probably more of a historical bent. Mustn’t lose sight of premise of 19th Century Modern blog. Now, if you excuse me I shall be watching The Young Victoria again for wedding inspiration.