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Simply because I never get tired of concept of naming; here is a Victorian and Steampunk Name Generator I stumbled upon. You may set the gender, the social class and number of names provided. I selected one name for each female social class. The real question is which one is more “Me”???

  • Scientist: Dr. Philomena Achenson Camon
  • Military: Commodore Diana Wakenshaw Montead
  • Enforcer: Officer Charity Trassy Oates
  • Commoner: C. Muledy Eason
  • Clergy: Sister Mary Frances Cowry Carrie
  • Aristocracy: Countess Bernice Navin Rigney

Let us deliberate, shall we? Professionally speaking I would be either a commoner or aristocracy. Name-wise the Military version is shockingly close to what my married moniker would be.

While I love the sound of Philomena (for some reason I think of music, like Philharmonic . . . or something equine related like Philip or Philly/Filly; which by the way, if I was ever named Philomena, I would go by Philly or Filly. Makes me sound spunky and wild and a little bit country. Hey, if I boy can be called Colt or Colten, then a girl could be called Philly or Filly. I rest my case.) I am just not science-minded, despite my over analytical penchant.

Moving on the Officer’s name makes me laugh. Trassy sounds a bit like trashy to me. Trashy oates? No thank you, I’m trying to cut down.

The Commoner’s suggestion is no better. I am not even sure how to pronounce it. For me it looks and sounds a bit like moldy. Eason is a solid first or last name, though.

The Nun’s story is quite the tongue twister; at least certainly a mouthful! I would like to drop Mary Francis and just say Cowry Carrie. Go on and say it three times fast. It leaves me giggling.

I appreciate my aristocracy rank is Countess but Bernice, it is almost mundane considering the prior choices. Besides, I can never look at the name Bernice without thinking of movie Hope Floats and Bernice Matise. *sniggers*

Well, I have concluded my Steampunk name will be . . . . Dr. Philly Achenson Camon! We all know that the mad scientists rule the world in Steampunk! Buwhahahaha!

Dr. Philly