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So my Mentee has a second interview for her dream job and is naturally thrilled she made it to the next round. My first round of coaching just might have helped! It turns out one of my good co-workers overheard me share my excitement with another colleague and now she want me to coach and mentor her! My goodness! How does my popularity soar?!


Now I am assisting two women as they make their way through the world of Librarianship; otherwise known as “Libraryland” in professional circles. Truly. My Mentee is through official channels of the Arizona Library Association in a structured program. We have to sign forms and submit reviews every so often, etc. My Mentee is already a part time library assistant looking to become a full time library assistant at the Downtown Branch in our state capital.

My co-worker is currently returning to school to get a high end certification. She is already a full time library assistant at the library I work for. At the moment she wants me to help her with scholarships, so that is what I am doing. Although later she assures me she will need help with “everything!”–Oh goody. Something to look forward to. My co-worker situation is far more informal and more of a pact between friends.

Helpings these wonderful ladies is such an amazing feeling! I pray I can assist them in their dreams!