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Lots of news! On a personal note, my superior has returned from her maternity leave, so everything is all right with the world.  Work aside, there were many headlines to shift through for the month of May. When this happens I tend to run into the conundrum of either passing along the first eight interesting articles or running through my entire list of 10 keywords and then upon very careful consideration select the eight most interesting and diversified choices. Normally, I do the latter. Today, given time constraints I decided on the former. (Look at me! Doing a new thing!) Though none of these news bites are lacking in anyway, due to my new fangled approach. There are a couple of bits of true crimes and how mobs and technology play a role. A fascinating article (with video!) of an author performing a complete karate kata in complete Victorian dress. It is illuminating (as she mentions). All the latest and greatest 19th century kitchen appliances, with more than a couple that left me scratching my head. Three vignettes touch on architectural and buildings’ past. There is a review on a revived 19th century play that was banned over most of Europe after just one showing and the reasons why are . . . less than ideal for us Moderns. Read and enjoy!