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My boss is on maternity leave with her fifth bundle of baby joy. This time, for the first time, she has left me in charge. *insert maniacal laugher here*


In actuality, she has distributed her duties amongst three of the librarians, but at my particular branch, I will have the last word on some issues. It has already been a month and quite frankly, my partial duties are stressing me out! Granted, it is compounded by some new developments on the home front. . . Any time, there is an internal-interim position, it is extra weight on that employee, as it is a double the workload. In my case, it is not even double, which makes me sound completely lame for being so stressed out. Thus said, I wanted to take this on and it is eye-opening. I have gained a new appreciation for her work and in some cases I love it (meetings with the top brass of the City, conniving how to make the world a better place with resources we have and problem solving issues for City staffing), other aspects are petty and tedious (co-worker issues and budgeting). It has me really thinking about what kind of leader I want to be and the difference between leading and management; where to be firm and where to show mercy; if I really ran the zoo, how would I seriously approach it? Am I ready for this? How much growing and skill development do I need to fill the next level position?

When my co-workers found out about I was going to be in a leadership capacity some of them joked about cracking the whip and secretly I would love to, but as my boss is coming back in two weeks, it is simply not my place. Instead there more chocolates are available and puppies are being secreted into the library. HA! But just in case, people take me for a softy I have my “name plate” sign on my desk that reads the truth: “Supreme Dictator of the World.”