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Did you miss your news? Here it is! Interestingly, there was a ton of options for this month. To be honest, I did not even work my way through all my keywords as I already had close to 15 interesting articles after using just three words. It was tough choosing the top eight headlines for April. Lots  of slideshows to sift through and I did not want to include them all, least this listicle turn out to be nothing but a slew of photographs. As a writer, I am partial to a good piece of written journalism (with no disrespect for photo-journalism.–Thus said, most photographs are not by ‘photo-journalists’ but by stage portrait photographers of the 19th century. There’s a difference.) Below we have a mix of politically inclined articles and bipartisan ones, and of course a peppering of “fun ones.” All faux-headlines are linked to articles around the web.