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Image result for 1800s writing letterAnother month has gone by and most of my resolutions sit collecting dust. There has been movement, but it is in a more of a blink-and-you-will-miss-it-sort-of-action. On the one hand, this is to be expected. February and March are the busiest months of the season for me at the library. The next few months will be much calmer as I do not have hoards of programs to host. Here is the run down for the last 30 days or so. . .

Adulting My Finances: Evidently, refinancing a mortgage is not a quick fix. I made the initial meeting to transfer over to the credit union and it took two hours for the preliminary part. Now I need to provide even more documentation. I am hoping to have most of it gathered and ready to submit by tomorrow or Saturday. Looks like I will not have time to sleuth out a Tax Professional by April 15th. So the tax-man and accountant will be pushed back yet again. I still need to cancel my subscription with a different service but again it requires lots of paper work and proof. To top it off I have been hit with $800 of unexpected expenses this month. One part for my visit to the emergency room, another for my dog’s visit to the emergency vet, one part for my car maintenance, and one really weird circumstance at work.  Honestly?! At this rate, I am not going to want to Adult anymore.

Witnessing an Animal Birth: Still have not asked nor looked in earnest.

Going on Two Dates with Two Different Men: I have two co-workers who are really eager to assist with this. Together they have told me about a gentleman music teacher (has a Master’s Degree) in his 30s whom is cute. One of the ladies gave him my contact information, as I am game to meet. I have not heard from Mr. Music Teacher yet and this was almost three weeks ago. I have asked one of my younger cousins to let her “Gay Agency” know I am on the look out. As she puts it, “Gays, they know men. Gay or straight.”  I cannot argue with that logic. However, “The Gay Agency” has been silent as well. Rats.

Making More Gluten-Free Choices: I recently had a wild week where almost no gluten-free choices were made, sad to confess. However, after becoming ill from it (which is why I am trying to abstain in the first place) I am on much better track. Whew! My belly thanks me.

Making Tomato Bisque and Gluten-Free Red Velvet Cupcakes: Absolutely no progress made in regards to this. In fact, I didn’t even think about it! Talk about taking two steps back.

Paid to Write: Nope, no movement here either. By the time I realized the next Inklings Writer’s Group was scheduled, it was upon me. The most I have written is for this blog. I am hoping to write articles for the library next month to advertise in certain local periodicals. Granted, those are volunteer pieces, but at least I will have something to critique for April’s Inklings gathering. Perhaps from there, I will look into submitting things for pay.

Image result for edgar degas ballerinaTouching My Toes: Not right now. I have not even attempted. Not all is loss in the fitness area, though. Now that I have my dog, Beaux, we are going out for hour-long walks in the wee hours of the morning, rain or shine. Today was rainy, actually. He thought it quite grand, I had other choice words as I was caught unprepared for the weather. I am hoping the walking will assist in loosening and stretching out some of my muscles.

That is the wrap up. Next month has to show progress as I am determined to finish the mortgage refinancing by April 9th, come hell or high water! Cannot promise anything else at this point.

Do you make new years resolutions, Dear Readers? How are you faring?