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Evidently February AND March are kicking my behind with back-to-back crazy activities and unexpected expenses. –How are you faring, Dear Readers? Ready to move beyond your own little dramas and catch up on the news? I am! *raises hand*

Below are the eight headlines for March. If you think Victorian is staid and stuffy you are in for real surprise, when you learn the 19th century’s authors tips and symbolism to the hotter sex scenes than 50 Shades of Grey. Pictures galore speculate on the nature of gentlemanly displays of affection from one man to another. Was it culturally acceptable at that time? It makes one wonder when the “Macho Man” ideal came into play, here in the United States. In a similar vein, in the 1800s hardcore science was for “wimps” or those who batted for the other team. Really?! Read more on it below. Another article addresses sexism. For those foodies, there is a piece on Victorian on local Southwestern Victorian fare. Talk about a fascinating niche market! Looking for stylish 19th century trains? Thomas can assist you in your endeavors. It is rare to find information on 19th century Hawai’i since their monarchy was in decline and colonialism was turning ugly, learn some new history. Lastly, as a nod to Arizona, there is an article about the my state’s largest annual Steampunk convention with a slew of pictures to ogle at!