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Have you noticed? The new permanent structured posts?

As much as I would love to flood 19th Century Modern with photographs of my new pupper, I do not want to be “that person.”–Beaux has his own Instagram account to fulfill “that dream.” (Look us up at ‘beauxdiddles’!) However, once a month I plan to scribble down a post about the wigglebutt. It will be the first structured post of the month. The posts featuring Beaux joins Mute Mondays, Shopping, News, and Pre-Reads (and my semi-month preview of 19th century related movies and television series). Beaux’s posts will always be on the first Monday, Wednesday, or Friday of the month (which ever comes first), since those are my usual posting days (not always, but that is the aim). If the earliest day of the month falls on a Monday, I will just share a just a picture of him as part of a one-two punch with Mute Mondays.

So expect getting-acquainted stories, Halloween costume ideas, and a photo album’s worth of birthday  parties! I would gamble there will be some derpy images and endearing anecdotes along the way.

Below is the photo of him that tested highest in focus groups.


Oh you better believe “Fetch” is going to happen!