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georgianbankMore than a month has passed since I made my casual resolutions back in January. I thought it be insightful to see how well I have or have not progressed using this new cavalier strategy.

To be honest, overall there has been little headway, and no wonder, given how absolutely busy I have been! In part, because I am tackling some home upgrades, that were not selected as an actual resolution/goal. Better luck in the months to follow, surely.

Here is a break down of the attempts for my eight New Year Resolutions.

Making more gluten-free choices. I can attest I was doing rather well for the beginning weeks, all the way up until last week actually, when food choices went array. However, two things have arose since then. One being in March, city employees can volunteer to enter a weight loss team challenge. So that is something to look forward to, also one of my co-workers is getting interested in the Ketogenic diet; which is all the rage in Wellness circles, right up there with Turmeric, adaptogens, and focus on gut health! I am sure these are Signs to nudge me in the right direction . . .

Making Tomato Bisque and gluten-free red velvet cupcakes. Does it count that I thought about it? I looked up some recipes for the cupcakes and the ingredient list is . . . quite comprehensive. I find this ironic, since I don’t like anymore than 10 items; the fewer the better.–Salt and pepper count as ingredients to me . . . I would have thought healthier fare would be more simplistic, not so, apparently. Small steps for these resolutions? Baby steps really.

mineGoing on two dates with two different men this year.–Hmmm . . .  well, I bought two very date worthy skirts that seriously make me wish I were already courting. I attended a Catholic Picnic at the Park upon invitation of friend of the family (I won a Bingo game! But alas no one asked me out). I also wasted time on Morph-thing, blending the faces of the two men who have popped up in my dreams since I was in high school playing the role of my husband; Ryan Reynolds (waaaaaaaaaaaaay before he became super famous. Remember Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place and Van Wilder???) and Edward Burns.–So if you happen to see a gentleman who looks like this–PLEASE send him my way. We’re obviously destined to be together . . .

Witnessing an animal birth. Still has not happened, still wondering, but this is on the back burner at this point.

Adulting my Finances. I have made numerous appointments with credit unions (a first for me! I have always used banks in in the past) to refinance my cottage, not because the payment is too high. Far from it! It is because my current lender cannot seem to keep all the checks I am sending in proper order. Ugh.–Still on track to pay off my house by 2020 (come hell or high water!!). I still need to actually make the appointment that transfer all that stuff over to the credit union.–After this, I need to cancel a subscription, find an accountant, and tax-man. . . slow going, but it IS going. *rather pleased with myself*

Published for pay. Last month I just had my first meet and great with my writers group. Nothing has materialized. I have not penned anything of note other than this fabulousness you see on 19th Century Modern.–Just so busy at work and at home! A bit surreal. I am glad I have managed to keep up with the blog at this rate! So this needs work.

Touch Toes. –I picked up a calendar at our local holistic place that offers yoga three times a week. . . .I have been walking my dog for 30-60 minutes every morning . . . No real stretching yet or seriously buckling down, but it is another baby step . . .

Overall, this is a pretty dismal report. On the bright side, when one sets the bar really low, all I have to do is just step over it. I hope to have more accomplishments to report next month or so. I am also clearing my cottage (Still!) and painting walls, ceilings, and touch-ups. The trim and the crown moldings are next and those things are not even on the initial list! Gaaaaaaaah!

How are you doing with your resolutions, Dear Readers?