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Let the randomness continue! For most folks February is a drizzly cold month. Perfect snuggle-weather inside for catching up on the up to the minute news or the latest book of choice. Oddly there is not much in the way of news this month. Usually there are scads of valentines and vinegar-valentine posts, but even then it was slim. For the record, I choose to highlight neither for this post as I have covered both in previous years. I like to keep things fresh as possible. Below are eight curated headlines from all over the internet with a lovely 19th century twist. There is a video from the 19th Century . . . Victorian porn, if you will (and totally safe for work!) In a slightly more shocking vein there was a short lived fad of portraits of mothers breast feeding their babies.–At least, that’s the story many are sticking to; they could be wet nurses or just a random baby for aesthetic purposes . . . There is an article on art-ENORMOUSLY large scale art of the Battle of Atlanta, worth the mention. For those Dear Readers, who are more literary inclined there is revelations of covert book cartels in the Eastern Europe in the 1800s. There is also a rendition, more like a police sketch, of the true face of Jane Austen’s beloved Fitzwilliam Darcy . . .  and horror of all horrors it does NOT look like Colin Firth! *faints straight away at this news of scandal!* There is a piece on the renovation of the National Library of France in Paris with jaw dropping photographs that are the envy of every librarian in the world. Along similar lines, there is a big push to restore entire 19th century towns/main street-like projects across the pond. I love stories like these and would happily move in! Just let me know where to sign! Lastly in honor of Black History Month in America there is a mini-bio of an African American Civil War veteran as part of a town’s weekly spotlight on the heroes of the war and the many contributions of the African American community.