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My darling cousin, Mademoiselle V has a birthday this month, she is almost to the point where she might start saying “Oh I am nine and twenty . . . again.” I have tapped my closest cousin for her top eight from her birthday list. I have taken her wishes and given them a 19th century spin for February’s shopping post! Below you will find a slew of gifts and perhaps some insight into her personality and why I adore her so much. All photographs are linked to their shopping website, unless otherwise noted.


Candles. Mlle V loves her scented candles, but by rule is not fond of floral notes. My kind of gal! She prefers the muskier, woodsier aromas. Un Soir a L’Opera is a very unique take on scented candles; inspired by opera and ballets. La Bayedere, pictured below is a sumptuous and captivating candle, drawing its inspiration from 19th century India, where the ballet unfolds. Head notes: Cinnamon, cumin, and saffron. Heart notes: Sandalwood, patchouli, and violet. Bottom notes: Musk, cedar, and vanilla.

sandalwood patchouli candle

My cousin has a shoe fetish to say the least. The 21st century Mademoiselle V adores her platforms stilettos encrusted with any kind of adornment in provocative or sassy designs and color combinations. The 19th century version of my cousin does not have such luxury in her choices, unfortunately. American Duchess showcases a different version of the strappy boot with their Edwardian Tango Boot “to add a lot of style and a little scandal to an outfit.” Shown in black below but also available in red.

We like to chalk our mutual love for bold colors to our Hispanic upbringing. A little tiny bit of my design influence has rubbed off in her inclination to tufted headboards with shape. By shape I mean not square, ugh. How . . . utterly boring! She, too, prefers some drama in her décor! This time in a more muted shade of her favorite color.

Penelope King Bed

To make sure she can size up her ensemble and pair it with the best shoes her closet has to offer, a floor length mirror also made its way to her birthday list.

Image result for Fine Antique Victorian Brass Regency Style Cheval Mirror on Stand c1890

For years Mademoiselle V has been wanting a French Bulldog (known lovingly as Frenchies), something sturdy and sassy enough to match her own personality. What is more French Bulldogs came about during the 1800s from cross breeding English Bulldogs and local terriers. They were first recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1898. Frenchies are known for their bat ears, head shape, and playful, smart personalities. Below is Dominque from Texas, available through Petfinder, as well as so many adoptable animals worth loving.


My cousin is in the middle of transitioning locales. Nevada, Arizona, Colorado? Where ever she lands, we hope there is are beautiful (if not affordable!) Victorians near by! Like this deceiving home in Denver. The façade is a bit misleading, the home itself is over 3,000 square feet and is located in a popular historic neighborhood close to a great elementary school.

2168 S Milwaukee St, Denver, CO 80210

Lastly, there is a gentleman . . . However finding the LL Cool J-Pitbull-Daddy Yankee-Winston and Yandel of the 19th century is quite the challenge to come by. Semi-shaven swagger with exotic features and exuding masculinity adds to the difficulty. So the gentleman below is 1) Not for sale 2) Surely passed away many years ago 3) is actually Mademoiselle V approved!

Victorian Cabinet Photo Handsome Dandy Young Man with Dark Hair Mustache | eBay: