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Image result for 19th century stork paintingI am very excited to announce as of this past Sunday my house is now filled with the pitter patter of little feet. –No, I was never pregnant (Dear Readers, you would be one of the first to know!). I have adopted! . . . . A puppy! Huzzah! And by puppy, I mean an adult dog. (I call every canine a puppy whether they are three weeks old or 21 years).

This dog is a huge step forward and clearly a new chapter in my life. Waaaaay back when I was attending my undergraduate degree, I declared I was going to adopt a pair of parti-colored cocker spaniels; a cute set like salt and pepper shakers. By the time I matriculated and was off to another town to begin my graduate degree, I, indeed adopted a special needs cocker spaniel and dubbed him Buttons. He was the light and love of my life and could have been a wonderful therapy dog, if he were not such a pansy! For those who are lifetime pet owners, we all have numerous animals we loved, but a few will stand out clear above the rest in our fond memories. My beloved Buttons was one of those dogs. As fate would have it, I entered a very trying time in my life soon after I adopted Buttons, when six people from my father’s side of the family suddenly passed away all within 18 months of each other. I was catatonic in grief, with Buttons as my only lifeline. After landing in the hospital four times in three months, my family pulled me back home along with Buttons. I took a semester off to get my bearings and then returned to complete my Masters Degree. Since my parents already had a dog, I did not feel compelled to adopt another and so my goal for Buttons’ brother never materialized. Buttons passed away February 4, 2013, Super Bowl Sunday in the United States (not that anyone in my house was watching football). I moved to Casa Grande later that year and was waiting to get settled prior to adopting another cocker spaniel when suddenly I was engaged after a five year courtship; an engagement which did not end in a wedding nor a marriage . . . so I put off adopting a dog until after what was to be my honeymoon, now known as my Closure-Trip.

Ten years later from the idea of a pair of cockers, four years after Buttons’ death and after almost a solid year of seriously searching for a pup worthy enough to honor my Beloved, finally his brother enters the picture. I am so excited to announce the realization of my long held dream . . . I present to you Dear Readers, my boy . . .  Beaux! The irony does not escape me that Beaux’s adoption day is January 22nd, my former wedding date. After the tears of the last few years . . . I could not be happier. . . Karma has reset itself.  After all the gut-wrenching loss, this baby was worth the wait.