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Of course Polly does! What parrot, wouldn’t? –Enter Polyvore! If you are unfamiliar with this shopping site, it is okay, it has only been around for a decade and far more inspiring and shop-worthy than Instagram. I was first made aware of it about seven years ago. It is wonderful to scroll through specially curated editorialized sets, where you can shop the entire set and see other sets that use the same item in various ways outfits, makeup schemes, or rooms. This is what Polyvore has to say about itself (directly from the source):


Polyvore disrupts the traditional e-commerce model by giving everyone everywhere a voice in shaping today’s trends and influencing purchases. Our global community of stylists share tips on how to mix and match looks to make the most of your closet and predict trends before they hit the mainstream.–Polyvore simplifies online shopping by bringing together all the stores in one convenient place. Then we curate it all into a personalized boutique just for you, making it even easier to discover and shop for looks you love.–We’re a social site that drives sales to retailers.

Consider this a 19th century modern twist to the whole shopping experience post. The eight Victorian-esque sets below are linked back to the Polyvore website for more inspiration. Tip: When searching change the drop down menu from Products to Sets, then type your key word(s). Voila!

For the Modern Victorian Lady


Victorian Inspired Parlor. To be fair, the demilune console table here is more Rococo but I do not believe the average person cares. This is just my Interior Design degree coming forth.

Victorian Inspired

Ah, men upon the Hunting Party! Yes, 2017 is the year we shall see more gentlemanly things on 19th Century Modern! Guys, this is your first Rep of the new year! Can I get a Huzzah?!

Hunting Party

Steampunk meets Disney?! I can’t even!

Belle - Steampunk - Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Steampunk for Him Collection

Men's Steampunk Aristocrat Style

Who does not adore a beautifully ‘punked out room? Personally, I am drawn to the exposed old brick with wainscoting and herringbone wood floors. It is very on point for setting the ambiance of the office!

Steampunk Workspace

For downright gorgeous glamour (and serious Downton Abbey Vibes), one can never go wrong with Edwardian flair. Note: The Gibson shoe by American Duchess, hands down my favorite shoe she stocks (although the all her other Victorian/Edwardian kicks are just as enviable–Basically, I want them all. Not going to lie.)

Vintage Edwardian

Lastly, for something edgier for the New Victorian. This set also folds in elements the coming Chinese New Year. Perfect end note!

The New Victorians...