By the Fire Giclee Print

By the Fire by Victor Gabriel Gilbert

Winter is often a time for reflection, in part because nature has laid bare its essentials. As such people often write resolutions and some create a hard core plan with deadlines and measurable goals and steps along the way. I am Type A, so of course I have done that. . . in the past. This year I am taking a more casual approach. No deadlines (too stressful!), no hardcore militant regime (too painful!), no invigorating pep talk of “You got this!” For something completely foreign to me, I’m just going to do this stuff gradually as I have time, as it fits into my life, slowly make room for the new. Subsume the new habits or achievements. How’s that for change?! Here are the things that will be accomplished this year. . . at some point.


  1. Making more gluten-free food choices. I mean exactly what I say. I am not “going” gluten-free. My life philosophy is “Don’t be a jerk.” Don’t be that person that pontificates or jumps on the soapbox at every available chance. I am not “hardcore” about these things. I have not yet reconciled the no-meat aspect . . . Maybe I will down the road, maybe I won’t. If I attend a potluck, buffet, or BBQ I might opt out of some of the gluten laden choices or just have a little. On the other hand, if I attend a dinner party and the host serves me a big steaming bowl of pasta, you better believe I am going to eat the sucker up! Nothing stringent here, just slightly more conscious food choices.
  2. Learn how to make tomato bisque. We all know my skills in the kitchen are dismal at best, and potential fatalities at worst. I like to expand my pathetic repertoire of edible meals. I generally do not eat meat for dinners when I am at my cottage. I tend to eat soups in winter and salads in summer. However, when I say soup I mean the canned variety. I am 34 years old, I would like to be a bit better than that. Hence, my desire to learn to make a tasty dish.
  3. Related imageOn the same note, I will learn to make gluten-free red velvet cupcakes. In theory, since I am such a crappy cook, I ought to be a better baker. As luck would have it, I suck at both. Go me! That’s keeping things consistent! My family is more sweet than salty and I am eager to learn how to make a quasi-healthy dessert that does not induce their gag reflexes.
  4. Touch my toes. Do not laugh at me. I have never been able to touch my toes before. Even as a child gymnast, I could do the lateral splits and was still 2″ from the floor when I folded over to touch the ground. I believe there are prep and accompany stretches to assist with this basic move. I must look into it more . . . at a later date.
  5. Publish something and get paid for it. Even if it is for a whole American dollar!–That’s right I like to set the bar really low, so all I have to do is step over it.–Thus said, many freelance authors have said to expect to do things for free in the beginning to build your portfolio and work from there. I am actually starting a Writers Group at my library to meet the needs of community and . . . further my own interest. Not gonna lie.
  6. Adult my finances. I am still in the process of paying off my mortgage. Still on the road to have things completed by December 2020. However, I seriously need to get a Tax Man and an accountant/financial advisor. I am not a numbers gal. I know my own limitations. I have tried to read books on it and listen to videos, even talked with folks who work in finance. I swear I need a flow chart to follow the whole rigmarole. It is as convoluted as a Game of Thrones plotline and it’s all blood and gore in the end. I have two members of my family who currently advise me, but I want to get away from that dependency. I shall find an objective third party that speaks the Klingon language of finance to assist me.
  7. Still waiting to see an animal being born in person. . . This one might be more difficult to come by as animals have that pesky natural instinct to give birth at night or when others are away. So catching a live birth can sometimes be hard to come by. I seriously need to look into meeting with a breeder for a better shot. . . now if only I could have the animal go into natural labor when it fits my schedule . . . Seriously, how is Wednesday looking for you?
  8. Go on two dates with two different people. Two dates in one year would be double of last years efforts! So lame, but rather realistic. I am hoping I can knock this goal out in the beginning part of the year, so I can refocus on more important things. The older foreign Ryan Reynolds/Edward Burns look alike can wait until I am good and ready. This is my half-hearted attempt to appease my friends and family. In my own defense I want to meet new people. ANY new people, no romantic intentions needs! A new friend, even! HA! Keeping it open. . .

Do you any of you Dear Readers want to share your new years resolution or hopes and dreams for 2017? I love to hear it in the comment section.