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Image result for Victorian writerToday is the first day of Winter! It also the first time a “word-cross” (known in modernity as a Crossword Puzzle) was first published.  During the Edwardian era, Englishman Arthur Wynne moved to New Jersey, United States to work for the newspapers. He was in charge of the light-hearted fun section of the Sunday edition. On December 21st, 1913 his first word-cross puzzle debuted!

To honor Mr. Wynne, I have created my own short crossword from the top posts this year. Links to said posts are included to assist you in solving the puzzle. You may want to print the puzzle out before heading to all the links and filling out the game. The image is simply an image, not a form that can be filled out. . . My technology skills do not extend that far. This is my first attempt at something like this.–Be gentle.

2016 Top Post Crossword