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It is December! Huzzah! Who else is looking forward for this year to be over with? *raises hand* –We are now in the homestretch with Christmas and New Years right around the corner. As longtime readers may know, I have a penchant for themes. In fact, as Christmas is now held at my house, my brother just inquired the other day, “So what’s the Christmas theme this year?”–He knows me so well!


This year’s theme was chosen by my mother last year from a short list: “Angels and Miracles.” As to why she picked this theme she admitted “It’d be a miracle if we survive the coming year.” A bit morbid, but all right. When I shared the theme with my brother he blurted out “Well, how the hell am I suppose to dress for that?!”–Oh, did I tell you? I sometimes dictate a dress code for my Christmas dinners. Not every year though! Goodness, what do you take me for?–So I instructed him to dress “angelic and miraculous”. He proceeded to roll his eyes.

So here’s the plan. (I always have a plan–the follow through does not always happen as scheduled, but, by golly, I have a plan! Every proper Victorian hostess has a plan.)

  • Decorations: Angels. Obviously.
  • Dress Code: Business Casual at least.
  • Meal: Broccoli Soup, Steak medallions and angel hair pasta with breadsticks (inspired by Olive Garden’s Steak Gorgonzola-Alfredo dish), angel food cake with strawberries and cream
  • Activity: Share a true miracle in your life (and not the cliché events like the birth of a child, adopting a dog, or marrying the best person on the planet–but something that really made you wonder and Believe.)
  • Gifts: The ones I give will be along the lines of angels, miracles, and religion.–I like to challenge myself.

It will be a low-key Christmas again. I am still trying new things each Christmas to develop new traditions. So far my father and brother are not thrilled with having pasta for Christmas. Tough. My brother made the comment that he wants Devil’s Food Cake for dessert. Personally, I loathe chocolate cake. Other forms of chocolate are acceptable, but not chocolate cake, because every time someone in the free world has a birthday, it is always chocolate cake. It drives me mad! My brother defended his choice of sweets ‘because Satan/The Devil was God’s Right Hand Angel until The Fall and by not having Devil’s Food Cake, we are slighting the very definition of Angel.’ My Father happened to walk by and second the motion for Devil’s Food (because he’s a HUGE chocoholic)–I wanted to smack my brother, who just smirked at me when Dad backed him up.–So this particular dessert option is still undecided…

What are your Christmas plans, Dear Reader? Any themes, traditions, or gift ideas? I would love to hear about them in the comment section.