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It is October and you know what that means! Time for tales of the macabre and news of the undead. . .  or something along those lines. Since everyone may not share enthusiasm nor passion for All Hollow’s Eve, I have peppered some general headlines within the coveted list of eight.

Below are some of the more fascinating articles that have come out this month. A beautiful Victorian home is for sale with scads of photographs to drool over. There is even a piece pondering over the alternative history, if President Abraham Lincoln lived, what would the world be like today? One of my favorite non-Halloween vignettes is the fun Victorian slang, which are tongue-twisters in their own right! My goodness! Why did such wonderfully silly words go by the wayside?! There is also a great review on the Circ de Solis Kurio’s Show! I so wish to attend now!! The remaining snippets are in the spirit of Halloween; serial killers, cemetery tours, mourning rituals, and ghosts that haunt the night. Buwahahahaha!