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It is time for a celebration! Another year has passed. 19th Century Modern has been around for a total of four years now. I started this blog on September 17th, 2012; the day after I turned 30. My! How so much of my life and this blog have changed! I am sharing many of the Yearly and All-Time Stats with you, Dear Readers. I will also include some backstory, insights, and musing below in my interpretation of the data. Look for special shout-outs and links as well.

Total Posts to Date: 668

That is almost 14 posts per month. This is about ideal, as I aim to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every month; however, it does not always occur this way. This past year I have introduced a “random” non-structured post outside of the regularly scheduled program, which may not be obvious since I have yet to be rigid with the MWF adherence.

Yearly Views: 2, 750   All-Time Views: 15,003

The annual view count is down, which does not phase me, in part because 2016 is not over yet. I have three months left to write riveting content that will keep readers at the edge of their wing-back chairs.

Yearly Visitors: 1,874    All-Time Visitors: 9,364

This count has also diminished from last year, but, again I am not deterred. As many bloggers know, quantity shows such a fraction and the quality of the visitations. I am including more specific tags and links to assist with reaching a more diverse range of readers.

Yearly Likes: 337  All-Time Likes: 2,292

Around three hundred likes is about average for 19th Century Modern. Things are right on schedule. Unsurprisingly, the posts that garner the most likes are often heavy on the photography. I now follow the blogger’s rule of thumb by including at least one image for every 300 words. However, for certain routine posts such as the Shopping and Pre-Reads posts there will be far more pictures than links.

Yearly Comments: 55   All-Time Comments: 372

This is the statistic I like to hone in on. The dialogue between us. Occasionally, I will ask a question in my post in hopes to start a discussion. Some times it works and some times it does not. I am still honing (and changing) my writing voice. We shall see if my labor bears fruit. I am happy with 55 comments. It is an increase from last year. Small win for me! Of course, not everyone is chatty and I do not always post comments on other people’s blog; I lurk for a while before I jump in. All this discussion brings me to . . .

Total Followers to Date: 335

Honestly, I was hoping to break the 500 benchmark by now. Yet, I am not dissuaded nor distressed. My attentions are sometimes elsewhere; researching and writing articles for instance. I tell myself in time. There is also a lovely quote by Shailene Woodley that sums up my current perspective:

The amount of followers you have, doesn’t matter. Hitler had 4 million. Jesus had twelve.

The Most Active Commenting/Liking Followers to Date: Names linked to their sites! Do check them out!

Classic Active Followers: These are people and organizations who followed me from the beginning and continue to stay updated and current with their own blogs. I figured Classic might be a nicer term than ‘older.’ Huzzah for longevity!

Readers’ Favorite Time to Check In: Monday at 8:00 am

Clearly, you are eager to see the latest Mute-Monday posting! This amuses  me, greatly. Honestly, I would have thought the most frequented day would be Saturday or Sunday as it seems there is a lot of foot traffic.

Yearly Readers’ Representative Country: The Top Four

  1. United States
  2. Poland
  3. Brazil
  4. United Kingdom

Poland retains its number two spot! Impressive! Seriously, I need to go visit Poland! The United Kingdom holds steady. As an Anglophile, this gives me great satisfaction. The United States reigns supreme, which is not a surprise since I am based out of the States and I have been known to utilize American phrasing, spelling, and slang. The real surprise to the list is Brazil! Honestly, you guys just BUSTED into the top four  this year without ever placing in the top ten for the past four years. Bravo!

All-Time Readers’ Representative Country: The Top Four

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Poland
  4. Germany

To be fair, Germany made the list last year and there would have been a repeat of 2015’s roster without the Brazilian upset. Alas, Brazil happened and Germany lost that battle, but won the war, as they say. I look forward to seeing which corners of the earth pop up on the Top Four next year. I shall be adding some of these countries and places to my list of for travel spots!

Yearly Top Eight Posts: Of all the posts I have written since January 1st, these are the ones that got the most notice. Yes, I expanded the list to eight entries for this category, consider it the Director’s Cut or an expansion pack. All titles are linked.

  1. Oh Ship!
  2. How to Shop for a Broken Heart
  3. Let the Future Tell the Truth
  4. Medical Music of the 19th Century
  5. Courting Blind
  6. Mute Monday: Culture Clash
  7. Babel of Truth
  8. Once in August

This is a most interesting assortment! It warms my heart that half of these are personal posts, inspired by my life and musings. Perhaps my readership is growing with me?  As for the “standard features,” I am surprised Once in August made the cut as it was posted just a few weeks ago! Very encouraging. Standard Features include Mute Mondays, Shopping, News, and Pre-Published Reads.

All-Time Top Eight Posts: For dramatic purposes I am presenting this list in reverse order. All of these posts are older than two years ago, so they have had time to appreciate and accumulate views. Again, all titles are linked.

This is very similar to last year’s greatest hits. A Steamy Wedding has taken the top spot for the past four years! Obviously, there is a need that is being fulfilled with the post!

So what can an authoress deduce from all this data and statistics? What actions will I be taking in the up-coming editorial calendar? Here is a sneak peak at what to expect from now until September 2017. In no particular order:

  • Inclusion of more Steampunk
  • More focus on Victorian Gentleman fashion and style
  • Mini-Biographies of Royals and the 19th century aristocrats
  • Personal life of dating/courting
  • Investigation of 19th century Brazil, Germany, and India
  • Reports of medicine, photography and writers

In actuality I have over two pages of very detailed hand-written notes with information gleaned from 19th Century Modern’s yearly data and my own ideas considering where and how I am steering the ship that is my fun little life. And some times people think, bloggers and authors just plop down on a chair one day and write their little hearts out all willy nilly. –And some do!