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Image result for Le Figaro Newspaper September brings a host of news! I did not have to search far to find some fun and fascinating headlines. There is a vignette on the (possible?!) discovery of the HMS Terror in Artic! There is also a piece on Victorian comics and how it shaped the world. A whole article is devoted to a transgendered Victorian who was ousted. Another section covers an inspired photography session on the life of Bonetta, Queen Victoria’s African ward-of-sorts. I have never heard of Bonetta! How did I not know about this! I feel so grossly uninformed about our dear Queen. Continuing with pictures, everybody’s favorite topic is also represented this month: Mugshots! Insight into society as well as some are rather humorous images. There is also a bit with a video about a very special 19th century apple pie recipe that is honored each year.–This does make me salivate so! While there are two articles concerning Victorian buildings, one in New Orleans, Louisiana and the other focuses on houses in England. It is the latter piece that hurts my heart. I am a big proponent of art and beautiful things. It is painful for me when the such grand structures are torn down. It is not only the small death of fantasy and beauty but also, more importantly, of history. It was not merely four walls, it was someone’s home. Believe me, I am not blind to economics and when something has overstayed its welcome, but it saddens me just the same. Which of the eight journalistic pieces catches your eye?