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Rapid heartbeats, fast breathing, muscles twitching at the ready, encouragements screaming through the brain, psyching self up for the final push, at last a rebel yell and a massive leap of faith! You know that feeling? When apprehension clashes with exhilaration culminating in an explosive amount of adrenaline coursing thorough you. This-is-it moment! Do or die! No turning back! . . . And then you do it, you actually do it! And your world is never the same.

That was me two weeks ago. I mustered up my 20 seconds of courage and made the leap. For all outward appearances, I seemed relatively calm; merely a girl on a settee taking a deep breath and clicking an internet button. What really happen was I signed up for The Rebellion. This program is on off-shoot of Mr. Steve Kamb’s Nerd Fitness craze. However, the Rebellion is not strictly fitness, it is much more. This is a gamification of life. It works best for those people who are already avid gamers, fanatics of fantasy fiction, and those that have addictive, competitive, or obsessive tendencies. It is all about creating your own character, picking your class, and leveling up your life with quests, loot, and boss battles.

Nerd Fitness was put on my radar a few years ago via Nerdist. Since then, I’ve run across articles about Nerd Fitness from time to time. However, it was Mr. Kamnb’s book Level Up Your Life: How to unlock adventure and happiness by becoming the hero of your own story that really inspired me. And I mean really inspired me. I was so jazzed and hyped up after reading it that I couldn’t sleep for six weeks. I kept mulling over key points of the book, day dreaming and becoming far too excited. I started waking up around 3 am, thinking about what my Level 50 will look like. Level Up Your Life was everything I was already doing with more focus, more rewards, but within a built in support group. It aligned with my belief that those who choose not to believe in coincidences are missing out on miracles and my personal motto of “Go Big or Go Home!”

Those who choose not to believe in coincidences are missing out on miracles.

As a child I had obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and literally took “chill pills” (lmao!) I was a very uptight, serious,  quiet, morbid little kid. In college I landed in the hospital for over-exercising. I fainted in the gym and I remember nothing how I came to be in the hospital with all my belongings. While I was wearing a hospital gown, hooked up to an IV, I slipped out of the gurney to rummage through my purse nearby and pulled out a tape measure. My waist remained 25.5.” It was my wake up call, I could not have a 24″ waist/hourglass figure (my Holy Grail) using diet and exercise alone without damaging my body. I am 5’8″ and was 115 lbs at the time with 16% body fat. I had to face it. I have a boy-frame. I was fixating on Perfection or the bodies of all the women in my family. After years of therapy, for over-coming a childhood trauma, I’ve come t the conclusion there is no such thing as perfection just preference.

There is no such thing as perfection just preference.

I preferred to look “womanly and feminine;” with curves for days. It’s the quintessential Victorian silhouette and ideal Hispanic woman body-type. The beauty in self-acceptance is I can choose my outlook. So I did. This body has stubbornly served me well despite my ill treatment of it. I’m grateful.

Uni was also the time my first suitor introduced me to massively multiplayer online role playing game (mmorpg), World of Warcraft. At first I just watched him play, enthralled by the graphics and fantasy characters. Then he opened up an account for me on the game in hopes we could play together, and we did for a short while. However, it was a particular moment during school break, when I kept telling myself “just one more quest” or “right after this battle,” that my computer monitor began to flicker. It was fuzzy-like, almost a smear of dust on my screen. That’s odd. Is–is that my reflection on the computer??? I whipped around and my mouth dropped open. The sun’s rays were starting to peak through my blinds. Holy Moses!! I had played for over 24 hours straight. I did not eat, sleep nor take a restroom break. I quickly exited  my screen and never played again, because I knew if I did, this one-time incidence would turn into a reoccurring problem. Needless to say, I have an obsessive/addictive personality, where I’ll fixate on a single thing to the detriment of my health, my relationships, and my life. I’m better now. No pills for almost four years. I know most of the triggers and when I need to pull back. The Rebellion is perfect for me!

World of Warcraft also introduced me to breathtakingly beautiful fantasy creatures. I was completely enchanted by the Night Elves. These lithe, strong, beautiful, aloof, wise hunters of the forest were inspiring! They embodied everything I want to be. The irony, of course, is I’m more akin to a puppy than the refined ways and manners of elves. Co-workers call me mischievous, men say I’m coquettish, but everyone tells me I’m crazy.–Why I never! . . . . Actually, that’s untrue. “I often”. A college friend once assessed me with “you look like you could be an arrogant bitch, but really you’re a genuine spaz.” Thanks . . . I guess. I know a backhanded compliment when I hear one! Now my cousin Mlle V perfectly summed me up: “You’re kinda like the pop rocks candy. Intriguing at first, but  once you get into it you’re like ‘Aaaaah! What the hell is going on?!?!'” Thus said, when it comes to mythical creatures, it narrows me down to fairies or elves. According to cannon lore, fairies can be alarmingly spiteful, hold grudges, and cheat a person out of house and home while batting their eyelashes innocently. Elves, on the other hand, are more industrious and don’t waste time on leveling the score. More sage than savage. Besides, I’m not fond of wings. I like my feet firmly planted on the ground. So an elf, I am. And thanks to the Nerd Fitness Rebellion, an elf I will be!

My focus within the Rebellion is . . . . everything. (Some things never change.) On the fitness side I am aiming for flexibility, strength, and hand-eye coordination. My epic quest list is geared toward writing, business, career, adventure-travel, experiences and conquering my trepidations, such as my fear of heights and childbirth. In short, being the night elf I’ve always wanted!–Like they say, there’s no time like the present. Wish me luck! *Rebel yells*Leaps into the unknown!!*