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It’s time for our monthly news report. Below I have provided eight different headlines pertaining to the 19th century, aggregated from various news sites from around the world. August proves a nice offering of variety. There is a bit about how 19th century barn raising relates to modern cooperate leadership. Since it is difficult to escape politics during Election year, I’ve also included an article how 19th century politics can teach us about our current situation in United States. There is also a blurb about the enduring mystery of Lizzie Borden, a Gilded-Age inspired tavern menu, and Jane Austen Social. How quaint! It is a slight spin from the customary Victorian Tea Parties. There is coverage of the Steampunk inspired gala at the Prado Museum with a wealth of fabulous pictures. A vignette on erotic 19th century drawings included; not safe for work! Lastly I close with an article discussing the award winning controversial museum program called Follow the North Star. Which headline grabs your attention? Let me know in the comment section that follows.