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Yesterday, my family threw a little birthday party for Augie-Dog. By “birthday”, we mean Adoption Day. We really don’t know when the little fella was born. When we adopted him three years ago, the vets told us he was about two years old. So right now we have a five year old Chiweenie (a Dachshund-Chihuahua mix). Last year we celebrated his German heritage and this year we tapped our own Hispanic roots with a Taco Party! All of the four legged guests received one taquito. It went over  rather well. We played a game of “hot potato” with the dogs going crazy. However, the crowning moment was when we donned Augie with his own sombrero! He has that face of “Wh-What are you doing to me, hooman??” See priceless face of “enthusiasm” below.