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A bit of the Modern Life. Last Saturday, my library had their close-out event for our Summer Reading Program: the 2nd Annual Library Comic Con! Last year with practically no press, almost 400 people showed up. This year with a bit more press (Facebook Events page, flyers, online blurb, and a line in the paper) we more than doubled our attendance records. Over 950 attendees crossed our threshold and good thing too! We actually had presenters and stations this year.

Our roster was thus:

  • Martial Arts demonstration (per my brother and his MMA trainee)
  • CosPlay Costume Basics
  • Roller Derby Girls (Children’s librarian’s girlfriend)
  • Zombie MakeUp Workshop
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Costume Contest (Obviously!–I went as a low budget Lola Bunny from Space Jam, as our Summer Reading theme was Wellness, Fitness, and Sports. Lola is a basketball playing rabbit)

Other tables and stations included:

  • Anime movie showing
  • Superhero videogames
  • RPG Table Top Game
  • Trivia with Prize Wheel
  • Nerf Gun Target Practice
  • Oculus Rift Try Out (thanks to the wonderful people from the Maricopa Library and their grant funded project to bring Oculus Rift to Pinal County!)
  • Artist Alley
  • 3D Printing Demo
  • The entire 501st Legion of Stormtroopers (a wonderful charity organization–and seriously, like, 20 members showed up this time. Last year they only sent three! We were pleasantly surprised to say the least.)
  • Raffle prizes

Presenters received a little Welcome Kit and an itty bitty teeny tiny little swag bag (we ran out of money and time for these). Each presenter was emailed a Welcome letter, directions to the library, a schedule of events, and map/layout of the library. They were also treated to reserve parking spots with their name on it. Their swag bag included mini-mints, a superhero journal, list of local restaurants along with staff recommendations, coupon for a free “egees” (local slushee place), and a Arizona state park pass good for 4 people for one time during the rest of 2016, all packaged in a little superhero bag.

Face it, all you really care about are pictures. So here’s just a taste! And I’m really bummed our photographer failed to capture the nice looking Star Lord/Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy. I was hoping to get his contact info for . . . reasons. *cough cough*


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