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Perhaps it is because there is an extra week this month or maybe it is just happenstance, regardless of the reasons, there is a boat load of 19th century related news going on. I easily curated my top eight headlines without utilizing all my keyword searches! Amazing.

There is a nice dollop of the macabre this month with the re-discovering of fetal bones that stirs an age old controversy, as well as an annual shindig festive enough to raise the dead. However, by far the most compelling headline, is original Victorian horror come alive on stage. The backstories, the mixed cultures, the costumes!!!–This needs to be a Thing! Why isn’t this wicked little play everywhere in the United States??? The demographic of my town would eat this stuff up! In conjunction with the underworld and Ancestry.com more criminal records and mug shots are being digitized. The information often recorded the sentence of the prisoners and the punishment never fits the crime. So harsh!! Speaking of going digital, another little book has been scanned for the internet concerning 19th century marriage advice. Good to know that contradictions and double standards have stood the test of time. Marriage and family were paramount during the Victorian era. A mini-biography of a mother who changed the face of nation (and its neighboring country) in terms of science education for women has made the short list. Heralding the changing times with advertising, comes from a beer company reaching back to its roots. The cute video is equal parts stylized and optimistic wrapped up in old age wisdom of entrepreneurship. Do watch! Lastly, giving a shout out to my home state! Arizona made the cut! In a NON-wild-west category, for once! I have passed the home that’s showcased in the article but it was never open when I’ve been in the area. It is one of the very few Queen Anne buildings left in the state. Great reading all around! Readers, you’re in for a treat!