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A note concerning my more Modern life, a few months ago I was asked to submit a proposal to the Arizona Library Association for their annual conference in November. I turned in an abstract discussing my well attended Literati Book Club. I was up against one of the largest submission list I’ve seen in quite a long time! As it happened, I was recently approved for a poster session. Not quite the lecture presentation, I had hoped for.


However, this is still a very exciting step in my career! More importantly, it gives me a year to work on my public speaking skills before submitting another proposal for 2017, as I’ve been encouraged. So that’s promising. I tend to grow gradually, so this is right up my alley! It is a great opportunity to dip my toe into the other side professional conferences annnnnnnnd, I’m not going to lie, it’s another opportunity for me to dress in costume! Huzzah! Because, priorities. Naturally, I’ll keep y’all posted as things come to pass.