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Mid-month news has arrived! Over the course of the past couple of days, I gleaned a few articles from internet pertaining to 19th century headlines from around the world. Oddly, there were not many to choose from this June. Below are the top eight most interesting stories of the month.


A Victorian brew is revived and touted as the perfect Summer cocktail. There is stream of 19th century workman photographed with tools of their trades. Re-enactors get into the spirit of American mountain-men. A fun read! A new spin on a family tale is showcased using a pool as the theater! Very original. Another family physically traces the steps of their ancestor through an entire town. It makes you to consider your legacy. A more contemplative article discusses the probability of a Victorian medium artist. Another headlines touches on all things entertaining to people from the 1800s. Surprise, reading made the list! Warms the very cockles of this Librarian’s heart. Lastly, in true 19th century modern fashion. . . a modern spin on Victorian fashion . . . in Malta.–Didn’t see that coming did you?