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Today may be the last day of May, but the first Saturday of June kicks off my library’s Summer Reading Program! Wellness, Fitness, and Sports is 2016’s theme. For another consecutive year, I put together the Adult Summer Reading events. This time we are trying something a little different, by utilizing our new partnership with our local senior center to host all the 18 year+ programs. It’ll be interesting to see how the attendance plays out.

I’ve lined up a Latin Dance class (fitness), a live Skype with a travel agency who specializes in trips for people with limited mobility (wellness and fitness), a talk on Natural Medicines: Pros and Cons with local herbalist (wellness), an Open Art Therapy session (wellness), presentation by two local Senior Olympians (fitness and sport), and performance lecture by Music Therapists (wellness). Due to it’s enormous popularity, the library will be holding its close-out Comic Con. It will be an hour longer and bigger this year. Given the incredible interest, we are hedging our bets that it might be double the attendance of our first year. Gaaaaah! Very exciting and stressful at the same time!

So keep your eyes peeled for up-coming posts that share my jam-packed “Modern” summer. And, of course, expect a slide show of Comic Con. . .  it may not be 19th Century related, but I know y’all are still curious.