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My, my, my. What do we have here? The monthly news, you say? Well, don’t just stand there, read aloud to the rest of us! May is another month full of interesting headlines pertaining to all things 19th century. Great for us! It took over 10 hours to sift through them to offer a diversified and some-what novel collection of articles to present.

There is an article about portraiture, symbolism, and technique that also applies to modern photography (which we just covered in last week’s shopping post. Synchronicity!) Another paper gives a crash course in the Oneida “cult” . . . my own comments and additions are below. Auction house has a myriad of 19th century European paintings on the sale’s block! Gear up for it, folks! While generally not a fan of felines (allergic), there is a rather fascinating vignette about the first Cat Show in the 1800s! We’ve mentioned it before how illnesses can dictate fashion either as cover ups or showing off, the article presented here goes into far more detail. Worth the read! LGBTQ is not a modern topic, this wonderfully engrossing piece delves into the lives of the Victorian side of “Stella.” San Francisco is synonymous with Victorian homes and their preservation society is one of a kind! Thank goodness for such organizations! The general store is a fixture during the 1800s, but in this old town the fixture and hardware store is what holds the community together. Long live longevity! Which of the eight missives are you going to read first??