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Whomever waxes nostalgic about the “good ol’ days” is full of BS. While I have a penchant for all things Victorian, I am not about to proclaim it was better then than it is now. It all boils down to perspective and focus. If one focuses on the Robber Barons in the United States during the Industrial Revolution, from the outside in, everything looks peachy keen. However, if the focus shifts just a few neighborhoods down to the experience of the urban poor, it is an entirely different perspective. This also goes for the those in parochial scenes; those out in the country. Maybe the self-sustaining farmers were “healthier” than those in the city, but by no means does it mean they had a leisure filled life. The points I am trying to make are 1) Don’t glamorize the past, acknowledge the differences in time and space 2) Learn from it. Even the Victorians had loads of crap and chemicals in their medicines, fabric, food, walls in their homes, and every other part of their daily lives. It wasn’t exactly “clean living” no matter how you slice it.

Thus said, recall how I now have quite the list of dietary restrictions? Well, I knew all aspects of my life were going to be touched by my change in focus. It starts now! As of today, I am not vegetarian nor vegan, I’m not even trying to convert anyone, I just want to live a more eco-friendly existence. I like to think of myself as the New Victorian Hippie.

I am trying to finish what I have in my house, but new purchases will be wiser and more earth friendly.  As it happens I will be in the market very soon for some organic skincare. So of course, I went online to look up best organic skincare brands out there. I made a copious list of the mentions (literally 114 brands). I mean I went to page six of my Google search! I’m not messing around!! I decided on the top five to try. See which works best for me and my freakishly cold and sensitive skin of alabaster.

What really caught my attention was a brand established in the 1800s! So, of course, I added it of brands to try. I mean, hello? Authoress of 19th Century Modern and recently proclaimed New Victorian Hippie? I HAVE to try it. Enter: J.R. Watkins. It is based out of Minnesota and founded in 1868. It is not just a beauty line but practically a general store of wares. How idyllic and very 19th century! Their products can be found online at their website, but also have a mail order catalog. Items are also sold at participating Target, Wal-Marts, and few other drugs stores.  Assuming they have what I’m looking for, I’ll be sure to do a review, posthaste, but it will be some time yet. If anyone else has used J.R. Watkins products what are you thoughts?