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We are half way through April and you have to marvel how fast time flies. As my father used to quote “Time flies like the wind and fruit flies like bananas.” True story. The irony of 19th Century Modern’s news post is it really does not encompass the entire month. In actuality, it only highlights the highlights of the first two weeks or so. Any 19th century inspired news articles that succeed this post get swept under the rug, never to be seen again. Not this month, nor the next. Ah, well. That is the reality. Regardless, it is still a fun read, you must admit. There were many juicy bits in the last 20 days which required a serious amount of paring down the list to my top eight. The majority dealt with real estate; what is now on the market and, horror of horrors, what is being demolished. So. Painful. To. Read! So naturally, there is an article about a beautiful Victorian home. However, steampunk makes its way to fore along with a biblio-mystery, graphic dermatology, and floral obsessions. For a more cosmopolitan view there is also vignettes on Indian miniatures and travel guides from the 1800s. Last, but not least is the requisite piece on the Titanic to commemorate the April sinking of the famed Edwardian ocean linear and its posh passengers.