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This past Wednesday was the Literati Finale! The Literati is the rather extravagant Adult Book Club I run. This past season the umbrella theme was Genre Tripping, where we went out of our comfort zone and read various genres. We partnered with our local Museum/Historical Society to use their authentic Western Saloon for a mock shoot-out to celebrate The Way of the Coyote by Elmer Kelton.

I had previously contacted seven different performer(s) over the past year, only to have them fall through. Can you believe it?! As it would happen, it opened up a previously unforeseen opportunity. My wonderful boss pitched the idea to her boss and the whole thing snowballed from there. In the end the Deputy City Manager, Community Service Director, and Recreation Coordinator ended being the boys with the guns and I, the Saloon Girl . . . naturally. I gave the gentlemen a very rough outline of how I wanted the show to go and they threw in some great suggestions of their own. There was no script or line memorization. I wanted the dialogue to be natural. So the men were riffing off each other to riotous results. We had a local café cater the nibblets. So it was a very home grown affair. Due to some snags with the cap guns, we used a “sound effects” app for the gunshots. As a result, some of “the shots” were delayed. . . . by five minutes. It was hysterical. (“Am I dead yet? I can never tell.”) The whole shoot out was so freakin’ hilarious. We had such a fabulous time, despite the 95 degree heat. People are still talking about it!

Below are just the pictures of me but you can go straight to our Facebook album for more photos of the shoot-out ‘heard ’round town!

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