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Remember, how I said I was playing catch up? Spring bloomed into being last Sunday and I’m only now addressing this season’s trends. The fashion! The trends! The insanity! Much of this post will center on eight of the current trends that can be easily translated to Victorian ware! Yes, that’s right, we retrograde the fashion trends here at 19th Century Modern. It’s fun to pass off antique fashion as au currant. What goes around, comes around, right?

Bedroom Dress

Or in this case, underpinnings from the 1800s are the order of the day. Think Chemise, preferably one made of silk, but more than likely made of muslin or cotton. Still, subtle sexiness at its best.

Unfussy Romantic

I don’t know about the unfussy part, but the Victorians were the apex of romance in all forms. To the point of absurdity, really. Lace and floral prints will always be a hallmark of Victorian life from home fabric to high fashion. This season is a slightly more watered down femininity.



Who doesn’t like a little sparkle every once in a while. Now a days it’s all about sequins and reflective materials. In the 19th century it was more about beading. Millions and billions of beads to catch the candlelight and let the ladies shine.


Exposed Shoulder

The burgeoning Victorian period was famous for this style. Often very fitted along the front or collar bone and always with puffy sleeves and an oversized bonnet.

Latin Ruffles

Let my roots sine through. I always enjoy when Latin ruffles make it back to the catwalk. Victorians know a thing or two about ruffles as well. Perhaps not as sleek as a Flamenco dancer, but even in the 19th century Spain was churning out these wonderful  frocks.


It’s the cool metal. No seriously, not warm toned like gold or copper. Granted Platinum could be a higher end substitute if your wallet gravitates that way. In the 1800s Silver thread was usually reserved for Royalty (the standard wedding dress color choice, prior to Victorian walking down the aisle in white) or those with deep pockets.


Puffy Sleeves

Victorians take the cake when it calls for puffy sleeves. I mean those suckers were EPIC! The 1980s incarnation was a sad rip off (although I still like them) of the monstrosity that was leg-o-mutton sleeves. No other time period does this better than the middle 19th century.


Some 19th century gals were bold. Super bold. Garish, almost. Stripe-y dresses are not a new thing, but width, color choice, and direction certainly play to whether it will be “cute” or simply retina burning.


2016 Spring Zuhari Murad’s Haute Couture

Lastly, there is my own seasonal metamorphosis. Not hugely different from last fall, I’m afraid. Make-up was inspired by Zuhair Murad’s 2016 Spring Haute Couture line. Brown eyeshadow on lids and smudged on lower lash line, a dot of highlighter on the inner corner of the eye, a light dusting of blush on the hollows, and nude-ish lips. Due to laziness and regimented morning routine this will be my “Work Face” for the next six months. –I loathe trying a new make-up look every day. Granted there are times, like my Literati Book Finale, where I’ll get in character using different make-up. Or on the off chance I should go on a date, I will play up my features as any lady might.


My take on my face

Purse and specs tap into Pantone’s color of spring: Serenity Blue. As for my fragrance, it is still Bombshell Body Mist by Victoria’s Secret, which I am really trying to finish, since it was my ex-fiancé who selected the scent. Maybe before fall, I’ll pick my own Spring scent! How’s that for a change? Probably some other Victoria’s Secret Body Mist, but not Bombshell, Love Mist, Angel or Heavenly. I’m not a hugely floral scented gal. More musk and earthy tones for me.  Below is my pitiful attempt at staging my accessories. Lighting’s a beast at my house. Must find a new place to stage. Since I am committed to paying off the mortgage of my house in five years, which essentially triples the monthly cost, I did not purchase new accessories. So these items are “so last 2016accessoriesseason.” Scratch that, they’re more like “so 2010.” Eh. Priorities, man. Just keeping them straight. I’m sure the Victorians would approve. For the curious, the Nail Polish is Wet and Wild, Wild Shine in Blaze. Because nothing says “keeping it classy” like Wild and Wild. It is my go to color for pedicures in the spring/summer. The glasses are by Vogue and my lovely canvas purse is from La Cabana. Remember, always canvas or rattan reticules in the spring and leather for the fall and winter. Those are my fashion rules anyways. . .